Protect both Windows and macOS-based desktops from malware

Unprecedented security with real-time ransomware protection

Small memory footprint translates to optimal performance

Detect malicious threats from nearby devices

Total online protection against web-based threats and phishing attacks

Preserves your privacy with browser-based add-ons and other complementary software


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Avira Antivirus Pro

For well over a decade, Avira has been among the most respected anti-malware brands in business. And with its Antivirus Pro offering, Avira takes protection a notch higher with comprehensive security against the most notorious of malicious attacks. Whether you are looking to stay safe against traditional computer viruses or extremely dangerous forms of ransomware, Avira Antivirus Pro should be able to handle that without breaking a sweat. If you are curious as to what this phenomenal antivirus utility has in stock, then let’s dive in.

Avira Antivirus Pro Dashboard in Action

Unprecedented Malware Detection

Avira Antivirus Pro is more than adept at detecting any form of malware. It should have practically no issues with the standard run-of-the-mill trojan or rootkit. But of course, that’s not where the problems lie in this day an age — there’s ransomware to worry about.

Avira, of course, relies of cutting edge heuristics combined with Protection Cloud technologies to put any concerns to your data at rest. It uses a simple five-step process — identify suspicious files in real-time, send their digital fingerprints to the cloud, match them against a continuously evolving database, identify any malicious intent, and send the information back. This, of course, happens instantly.

Smart A.I. and Self Defense

Rather than putting your computer solely at the feet of definitions databases, Avira Antivirus Pro also makes use of smart artificial intelligence algorithms to ensnare malware. Officially referred to as Smart A.I., these algos learn from past experiences, and adjusts as and per the situation. Which means that zero-day exploits can largely be circumvented, even in instances where no prior records of threats are found. They fully complement the heuristics in place, and allows for absolute protection. Avira’s Self Defense modules are also further secured with Smart A.I., thus leaving even the most sophisticated of threats toothless.

Repairs Compromised Files

Compromised files are a real concern. Usually, a malicious attack leaves large swatches of files infected and beyond recovery. However, Avira Antivirus Pro has an uncanny knack of recovering even the most damaged of files. Of course, that should rarely happen in the first place — Avira Antivirus Pro’s insanely high malware detection rates means that such an attack would rarely happen in the first place.

Negligible Impact on Performance

Usually, antivirus scanners are notable for their poor performance. And that’s not all — they also slow down your computer as well. But not with Avira Antivirus Pro. With optimized technologies and zero clutter bogging it down, Avira’s blazing fast performance should shock anyone.

If you are worried about slow computer startup times and other issues, rest assured that that won’t happen with Avira. Gamers can also find some much needed respite — switch to Game Mode, and Avira tones down into the utmost basics of protection to ensure that your gaming experience doesn’t suffer.

Real-Time Ransomware Protection

Absolute Web Protection

Obviously, the internet is where all malware crops up. With Avira Antivirus Pro, you can rely on multiple web-based technologies to keep you protected and nip potential threats right at the bud. Straight out of the bat, Avira blocks infected and phishing sites, both by matching them against a pre-existing database and via proactive real-time scans of network traffic. And any files that you download are also scanned for malicious intent, often before they even touch your PC. Avira’s built-in Firewall Manager also lets you modify the default system firewall to your liking for even more protection.

Block Ads and Trackers

Websites are notorious for using web trackers to monitor your activity, which they then use to serve you with targeted advertisements. The bundled in Avira Browser Safety extension not only prevents websites from gaining a bead on you — they also block advertisements. Often, browser performance suffers terribly due to the massive number of trackers and ads running within web pages. Hence, Avira not only preserves your privacy, but also enhances your browsing experience considerably.

Unlimited Customer Support

Free antivirus solutions are great. We all love them. But they have one major drawback. Practically non-existent customer support. Run into a technical issue or some other matter, and you would be left high and dry. And that’s the exact reason why an Avira Antivirus Pro purchase is so special. Not only do you get some of the best antivirus protection in the entire industry, but you also gain access to unlimited around-the-clock customer support. And yes — unlimited. Talk to them at any time, and a security specialist should be able to resolve your in practically in an instant.

Why Wait?

Our surrounding technology has vastly improved. But sadly, so has malware. Ransomware, in particular, can ruin you. Hence why you need to switch to a dedicated antivirus solution. Avira, with over 10 years of trust and goodwill, has built a reputation and a matching performance record that is quite hard to replicate by the competition. If you are on fence, it’s time to upgrade and stay safe. The sooner that you have Avira Antivirus Pro running on your computer, the better.