Avira Internet Security Suite vs. Avira Prime: What's the Difference?

Avira has consistently been at the forefront of the anti-malware industry for well over a decade. And they’ve no doubt excelled at protecting millions of devices from all forms of malicious threats. For even more comprehensive protection, Avira has two suites of products that you can choose from between — Avira Internet Security Suite and Avira Prime. Obviously, both suites do cause rise for confusion and all sorts of questions can crop up. What exactly do you get from each package? Do they protect both your security and your privacy? Are they significantly different in price? All answers to these questions are answered below, so do read on.

What You Get

Both Avira Internet Security Suite and Avira Prime are primarily designed to offer comprehensive protection against malicious threats. Hence, both suites come with Avira Antivirus Pro, an outstanding anti-malware utility that excels against the latest forms of malware and ransomware. Avira Internet Security then proceeds to provide you with access to Avira Software Updater Pro and Avira Password Manager Pro, two applications that let you close prevalent loopholes that result in privacy breaches.

However, this is where Avira Prime differs drastically when compared to its counterpart. Avira Prime, in fact, provides you with access to all Avira products for all platforms, which is nothing short of amazing. Whether it's Avira Antivirus Security for your Android smartphone, Avira Mobile Security for your iPhone or iPad, or Avira Phantom VPN Pro for unprecedented privacy on practically all devices, Avira Prime lets you have access to all of those, no questions asked.

Pricing and Licenses

Avira Internet Security Suite starts off at $40.99 for a single license per year, with slight increments in price for each license that you subsequently add — $58.99 for five devices for example. Avira Prime, on the other hand, features two subscription tiers — Standard and Unlimited. The former starts at $69.99/year for 5 devices, while the latter is priced at $90.99 with a massive 25 licenses to boot. Considering that the Unlimited subscription is only priced marginally higher than the Standard version, this is simply massive value for money. And compared to Avira Internet Security Suite, Avira Prime just blows it away in terms of both the number of products included and the overall value that you get for your money.


As you already know, both Avira Internet Security Suite and Avira Prime offers excellent protection thanks to the inclusion of Avira Antivirus Pro. And both suites also provide access to Avira Software Updater Pro and Avira Password Manager Pro, two phenomenal tools that help you keep your devices updated and passwords secure. Avira Prime, however, provides a slight advantage over Avira Internet Security Suite due to its inclusion of mobile-centric security solutions — Avira Antivirus Security for Android and Avira Mobile Security for iOS.


Just like with security, preserving your privacy is also important. Once again, both suites do offer that convenience with active protection against both fake websites and phishing attempts while surfing online. But Avira Prime’s inclusion of Avira Phantom VPN Pro and Avira System Speedup Pro offers even more protection to your privacy. With Avira Phantom VPN Pro, you gain access to a top-notch VPN solution with absolute two-way encryption that prevents hackers from gaining a bead on you, while Avira System Speedup Pro features multiple privacy-centric tools ranging from shredding files securely to detecting and removing sensitive browsing data.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer service, Avira excels at providing comprehensive support for anything ranging from complex technical issues to general queries. And considering that all paid Avira products are automatically entitled to unlimited customer support, any time or day of the week, is a massive boon. However, this is where Avira Prime differs significantly when compared to Avira Internet Security Suite in terms of the support that you get. In fact, you get VIP support, which pushes all your support tickets to the top of the queue. Which means near instantaneous responses to all your queries. Pretty awesome stuff, since you no longer have to wait in line for your support tickets to get answered.

Overall Value

So, those are the main differences in both Avira Internet Security Suite and Avira Prime. Yes, it’s a tad confusing at first, but you’ve hopefully cleared up any doubts about what you want to get by now. Obviously, Avira Prime is a fantastic deal when considering the sheer amount of privacy and security-centric tools that you gain access to. However, don’t just write off Avira Internet Security Suite — it still offers all the tools that you need for a completely secure experience, not to mention it being cheaper than Avira Prime. Regardless, Avira Prime offers the best value for money, and if you are on the lookout for a comprehensive security suite to protect your entire household, then this is it.