Outstanding malware detection rates with 10+ years of experience

Absolute security against web-based threats

Protects sensitive data with real-time ransomware protection

Around-the-clock dedicated customer support for utter peace of mind

Updates your PC with Avira Software Update Pro

Manages your passwords with Avira Password Manager Pro


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Avira Internet Security Suite

An unprecedented anti-malware solution with clinical German precision? That’s just what Avira Internet Security Suite is. Only second to Avira Prime in terms of absolute security, Avira Internet Security Suite provides all-encompassing protection against both online and offline threats. With dozens of real-time shields, smart heuristics, and proprietary algorithms checking every snippet of code executed by your computer, Avira’s malware detection capabilities are limitless. With multiple awards from independent A.V. lab tests vouching for it, Avira Internet Security Suite is the only security solution you need. Curious as to how good it is? Let’s find out.

Unprecedented Ransomware Protection With Avira Antivirus Pro

Real-Time Protection

Avira Internet Security Suite doesn’t just wait around to get rid of malware until after your computer’s been affected. In fact, it makes use of various technologies for absolute real-time protection. Multiple real-time shields that match each and every process against a gigantic database of known threats, combined with cutting-edge heuristics that detect abnormal behavioral patterns, translate into an experience like none other. The security suite also makes use of advanced artificial intelligences that proactively learn from past security breaches, hence making Avira a formidable nemesis against zero-day threats.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is possibly the most prevalent issue these days. Ages ago, malicious attacks would just steal your personal information at best — that at least gives sufficient time to take precautionary action. But not ransomware. Get infected, and your most precious of data — photos, documents, etc. — are held for ransom. In short, you have to pay your attackers to get your data back. Avira’s dedicated Ransomware Protection module is always at alert to stop such attacks from happening in the first place. If you deal with loads of sensitive information, then it’s best that you get Avira Internet Security Suite ASAP.

Safe Browsing Online

The majority of threats originate while surfing the internet, and Avira Internet Security Suite makes doubly sure that they are eliminated at the source. The security suite blocks you from accessing sites carrying malicious intent, and scans each and every download that you initiate for malware. Avira also features the ability to detect connected devices for potential security loopholes, and will notify you of any so that you well prepared in advance. You also gain access to a host of complimentary browser add-ons while you are at it. Avira Browser Safety and Avira Privacy Pal, for example, blocks online ads, thwarts web trackers, and patches privacy-related loopholes with minimal effort on your part.

Scan and Update Your PC With Avira Software Updater Pro

Automatic Software Updates

With Avira Internet Security Suite, security against malicious threats isn’t the only benefit that you receive. You also gain access to Avira Software Updater Pro, an application that helps you keep your computer up to date. Yes — operating system updates do provide adequate patches against threats, but what about outdated hardware drivers and applications. Most malware strains are pretty adept at exploiting the loopholes of unpatched applications and hardware drivers, and that’s exactly what Avira Software Updater Pro aims to fix. Expect a fully updated computer at all times once you’ve got this phenomenal tool installed.

Password Management

Avira Software Updater Pro isn’t all that you get alongside Avira Internet Security Suite. In fact, you also gain access to Avira Password Manager Pro, which if bought separately costs a hefty amount of money. As you may already know (or not), simply saving your online passwords using the browser’s built-in password manager just doesn’t cut it. With Avira Password Manager Pro, your passwords are saved within a fully secured online vault and protected using proprietary Avast protection technologies. The tool also features the ability to create ultra-secure passwords that you can simply plug in to online portals during sign ups. And even better, it checks pre-existing login details to determine if they were involved in previous security breaches as well.

Support, Support, and Support

Avira Internet Security Suite, just like with Avira Antivirus Pro, comes with unlimited customer support. If you run into a technical complication, you can be rest assured that Avira’s team of security specialists can resolve them for you. In fact, you can call them whenever you want, at any time. Whether you are looking to install Avira Internet Security Suite into a previously infected computer and want to ask for some advice beforehand, or if you simply don’t have a clue as to how a certain feature works, the fact that you’ve got access to expert advice just a phone call away feels liberating.

Don’t Wait Till It Happens

Free antivirus solutions are around every corner — but there’s a reason why they are free. Rarely are you protected from threats in real time, and you’ve got next to no protection against ransomware attacks . That’s why it’s so crucial to get Avira Internet Security Suite installed on your PC. Not only does it offer arguably the best anti-malware experience in business, but the entire host of complementary applications (Avira Software Updater Pro and Avira Password Manager Pro) that you gain access to make it a worthy upgrade that exceeds all expectations. Don’t wait till a malicious attack happens — buy Avira Internet Security Suite today.