Multiple servers around the world allows for unrestricted access to content online

Encrypts all traffic and helps preserve privacy

Super-fast servers for minimal lag

Fail safe guarantee assures near-zero connectivity issues

Supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

Around-the-clock customer support for all your queries


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Avira Phantom VPN Pro

The internet is supposed to a free and open space where every individual has the right to consume content unrestricted. But that couldn’t be far from the truth. In fact, the entire cyberspace has become a haven for ISPs, governments, and big media corporations to dictate what is accessible and what is not. Furthermore, privacy violations are rife, and it would be foolhardy to think that your browsing activity isn’t recorded in detail whenever you surf online.

Unrestricted Access to the Entire Internet

That’s exactly where Avira Phantom VPN Pro comes into the picture. With dozens of blazing fast servers around the world that you can easily connect to, no one should be able to stop you from accessing any type of content that you want to. Further, individuals or organizations spying on your browsing activity shouldn’t be able to do that anymore, thanks in large to the comprehensive encryption algorithms at play.

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s check out in detail what exactly Avira Phantom VPN Pro has in store for you, and why you need to start using it immediately.

Supports Multiple Platforms

To start off with, Avira Phantom VPN Pro supports multiple platforms, be it Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. And you don’t have to subscribe to each platform separately either — a single purchase nets you access to all platforms. This means that you aren’t left in the dark on any devices that you own. No matter what device it is that you use, you can be rest assured that Avira Phantom VPN Pro supports it with no issues whatsoever.

Servers Around the World

Avira Phantom VPN Pro features servers in dozens of countries, which means that you have ready access to any form of geo-restricted content that you want to consume. Whether it’s the US Super Bowl, the Indian IPL, or the Australian Big Bash, all you have to do is connect to a server within the respective country to unlock your favorite content. And the fact that Avira Phantom VPN Pro makes use of state-of-the-art servers to handle its VPN traffic means that you get to experience your content with minimal lag or performance issues.

Keep Your Privacy Intact

Are you worried about your ISP or government keeping tabs on your browsing activity? If you live in a repressive state or country, then it’s vital that you use Avira Phantom VPN Pro. Thanks to the encrypted traffic that flows through after connecting to a VPN server, no one should be able to monitor your browsing activity henceforth.

Seamlessly Connect to Dozens of Servers Around the World

Privacy is such a huge concern that nearly all websites engage in some form of data collection during visits, not to mention the numerous cross-platform cookies that track your activity even after leaving a site. With Avira Phantom VPN Pro, you effectively render these pesky tracker moot as well. After all, you are on an anonymous server, and even if they do manage to track your activity, the information that’s being collected is pretty much useless.

Suitable For Anyone

Avira Phantom VPN Pro is a VPN solution for just about anyone. Whether you are a seasoned IT professional or a non-tech savvy individual, Avira’s VPN solution is both intuitive and sophisticated enough for any situation. This is a far cry from other VPN solutions that are complex in their usability, and are really targeted for people with technical know-how. Avira Phantom VPN Pro also offers a limited free trial that you can use to check for yourself how intuitive the VPN solution is. It’s not much in terms of the bandwidth, but it really offers a taste on what’s in store for you.

Tech Support

Avira Phantom VPN Pro comes with a fail-safe guarantee, which means that connecting to any VPN server rarely fails. But that won’t safeguard you from any technical issues that are bound to get in your way. Thankfully, that’s where Avira’s ‘unlimited’ customer service model comes into play. If you have any kind of problem with the service, or if you just want some general advice, you can immediately call Avira customer support at any time of the day, no matter what day of the week.

You Really Need a VPN

With over a decade of expertise in the antimalware industry, Avira has the sufficient knowledge to really know how to make a VPN tick. After all, privacy is a standing pillar in the work that they do, and it’s undoubtedly important for anyone looking for a VPN solution. And with the amount of privacy violations and scandals that go on daily, you really need to start using a VPN. And what better than Avira Phantom VPN Pro, which is offered by a brand that you know and trust. If you are on the fence, try out the free trial — we are sure that you’ll take the plunge into the paid version in next to no time.