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Avira Prime

Antivirus solutions are quite possibly the most confusing products in the entire software industry. After all, the same brand name can carry dozens of differing products that can leave almost anyone exhausted. Avira also carries a fair share of that blame, but at least they are aware of that. Hence the reason for Avira Prime, a single antimalware solution that carries access to all premium services offered by Avira, no questions asked. Sounds interesting, right? Well, let’s see what it has in store. You’ll be amazed.

Unrestricted Access to All Avira Products

Access to All Avira Products

Avira Prime encompasses all of Avira’s security and privacy-oriented products. Which means you leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your entire household. Straight off the bat, you have access to Avira Antivirus Pro, which protects both Windows and macOS from malicious threats. Its real-time shields, heuristics, and other proprietary technologies mean that nearly every form of malware and ransomware strains are rendered moot.

Then you’ve got access to Avira Software Updater Pro, a Windows-based solution that has the uncanny ability to update your computer with both the latest software drivers and newest versions of programs. This also helps to a large degree at stopping malicious code from exploiting outdated programs or software drivers for weaknesses and using that as a means to breaching your computer.

And if that isn’t enough, Avira Prime also provides you with Avira System Speedup Pro, an application that scans your entire computer for persistent performance issues. It takes action against obsolete registry entries and redundant program files, and enhances the overall performance of your computer tremendously.

Avira Prime wraps things up with one of the biggest offerings ever — Avira Phantom VPN Pro. A premium VPN solution with blazing fast servers around the world, Avira Phantom VPN Pro provides seamless access to most geo-restricted content from around the world. Can’t watch your favorite sports team in action or struggling to stream Netflix? Well, Avira’s VPN solution’s got your covered.

Finally, Avira Prime throws in Avira Password Manager Pro, a versatile password manager that offers comprehensive protection to all of your passwords. By actively suggesting strong passwords and warning you of compromised login credentials, you are sure to find Avira Password Manager Pro an extremely useful tool to stay safe online.

Premium Mobile Apps

When Avira Prime claims to leave no stone unturned, it really means that. With access to both Avira Antivirus Security and Avira Mobile Security, you can have both Android and iOS mobile devices protected from malicious threats respectively as well. And if that wasn’t enough, you also get to use Avira Phantom VPN Pro on your mobile devices. Also expect to gain seamless access to your passwords thanks to the mobile version of Avira Password Manager Pro.

Avira Prime Dashboard in Action

Flexible Subscription Model

Avira Prime offers a flexible subscription based model that leaves you with no strings attached. Choose to pay monthly, and you can cancel at any time. This significantly tones down the risk in your investment, and you can easily switch to the yearly plan if you find the security suite a comfortable fit. The default subscription model provides comprehensive protection for five devices, and the unlimited plan (which is only marginally higher cost-wise) offers protection for up to 25 devices. With Avira Prime, protecting your entire household from malware isn’t really a big deal.

Constant Updates

Avira Prime’s subscription-based payment model means forgoing the headaches of yearly upgrades. No longer do you have to stress out about running out of your license and leaving your devices vulnerable to malware. Avira Prime further extends support to include early access to the latest and most cutting-edge of features as soon as they are released. When compared to the standalone versions of Avira Antivirus Pro or Avira Internet Security Suite, which are only upgraded once every year, Avira Prime’s instant access to the latest updates translate to a significant advantage security-wise.

VIP Customer Support

All paid Avira products are entitled to dedicated customer support. But Avira Prime takes things a notch higher with VIP Support. In short, you are put straight ahead of the queue for all customer tickets, which means that you gain access to customer support first. In case of emergencies, your Avira Prime subscription should work out wonders with instant responses to queries. And considering that Avira has some of the best customer support services in businesses, you surely won’t be disappointed.

It’s the Real Deal

Avira Prime is that unique antivirus product that stands out on its own. Ready access to Avira’s entire arsenal of products, first access to cutting-edge features, and unprecedented VIP customer support make Avira Prime a force to be reckoned with. If you are absolutely concerned about the security of your entire household, then Avira Prime offers the best bang for your buck.