Top 5 Avira System Speedup Pro Features to Boost Windows Performance

Avira System Speedup Pro being labeled as ‘the most powerful computer tune-up tool for your computer’ isn’t an understatement by any means. In fact, Avira’s optimization utility boasts a ton of options that are simply mind boggling. If you are struggling to grapple with the multitude of features thrown at you, here are ten awesome ways that you can go about optimizing your computer. You will no doubt come out with a blazing fast PC on the other side.

1. One-click Optimization

Avira System Speedup Pro has numerous optimization options. But if you just installed the application, the fastest way to go about speeding things up is to let the tool itself do the job for you. Select the Device Optimization tab, and Avira System Speedup Pro should automatically check for prevalent issues. It then grades your PC in terms of Disk, Performance, and Privacy. Don’t be surprised to see a very low score the first time.

All you then have to do is click that big shiny Scan button to prompt the device to scan your PC for junk files, obsolete registry entries, and data that can pose issues to your privacy. At the end of the scan, simply select the items that you want to remove, and then click Optimize. This isn’t the most thorough means to optimize your PC like some of the more manual methods listed below, but it should nevertheless boost performance quite significantly.

2. Boot Optimizer

You should know by now that Windows-based desktops are notorious for their dreadful boot times, which gets worse after each passing day. Avira System Speedup Pro provides just the solution with its Boot Optimizer. After clicking the Boot Optimizer side-tab, click Analyze to prompt the application to scan for issues that affect boot times.

It then lists startup items that has the most impact on boot times in general. It’s up to you to decide whether to make them start up after your PC finished booting, or to stop them altogether.

Alternatively, click Next, and you can specify Avira System Speedup Pro itself to speed up boot times automatically with its Standard or Hyper Boost modes. The Standard mode takes little time to complete and provides a moderate improvement in boot speed, while the latter takes a significant amount of time to complete yet boosts startup speeds considerably.

3. Process Manager

The Process Manager is accessed via the System Tools tab. Unlike the built-in Windows Task Manager, the Process Manager provides a more complete picture and breakdown as to what consumes your PC’s resources the most. For example, you can easily identify related processes, the amount of memory used, a brief description of each process, etc.

This helps you determine whether you can do without certain processes. Simply select the resource-hungry process that you want to remove, and then click End Process. It’s not the most ideal nor the most convenient of ways to optimize your PC, but if you are pressed for resources, it works wonders.

4. Disk Defragmentation

A primary reason why your PC runs slower is caused by file fragmentation. In short, files aren’t written in one continuous block most of the time. Rather, they are written in separate blocks as and when free space is available on the various sectors of your hard drive. This of course means that your hard drive header has to jump back and forth when accessing data, hence slowing down your computer in the process.

Avira System Speedup Pro aims to fix this issue with its Disk Defragmentation feature. Simply run it, specify the disk that you want to optimize, and then just sit back and relax while the application rewrites your files in continuous blocks. The end result — outstanding performance. Do remember to run the tool at least once every few weeks to defragment newer files so that they don’t slow your computer down.

5. Game Booster

If you are into video gaming, then Avira System Speedup Pro’s Game Booster functionality is a feature that you absolutely must not miss out on. Accessible via the Game Booster tab, simply add any game that you want to play with enhanced performance, and Avira System Speedup Pro automatically diverts additional system resources that are being used by other unimportant processes. It’s nothing short of amazing.

You can also ramp things up a notch by manually configuring exactly what processes, services, and power profiles that you want to stop or use while using Game Booster. This is of course welcome news for advanced gamers seeking for customize the functionality to bring out even more performance.

Your PC Has Been Boosted

Those were just a few of the many features that Avira System Speedup Pro provides you to boost the performance of your computer. Expect lots of other options ranging from running boosted power profiles to in-depth Windows services management. Start using this phenomenal tool by Avira today and start noticing the difference. Stop waiting and go get it now.