Cleans up duplicate and temporary files for tremendous space savings

Deletes obsolete registry entries for massive improvements in boot times

Securely deletes sensitive files for absolute peace of mind

Automatic scheduling lets you skip mundane optimization tasks

Built-in Game Booster functionality boosts video gaming performance

All optimizations combined translate to improved battery life


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Avira System Speedup Pro

Windows operating systems are almost always a mess. No matter what so called ‘improvements’ that Microsoft comes up with, they end up introducing a boatload of other issues. This largely stems due to the outdated kernel used by Windows operating system, which always results in tremendous amounts of redundant registry keys and junk files. And that’s where Avira System Speedup Pro comes into the picture. By actively scanning the entire system for prevalent Windows performance-related issues, this phenomenal cleanup and optimization utility has the ability to boost the speed of any computer tremendously.

Detects All Issues Pertaining to Your Computer

Faster Booting Times

The more you use Windows, the slower it gets — especially at system startup. This happens due to the massive build up of background programs that kick themselves automatically while booting alongside the system. Avira System Speedup Pro features the ability to automatically detect and stop unwanted apps from adversely impacting boot times. You of course have the final say over what should or what shouldn’t run, but simply leaving Avira System Speedup Pro to just do its thing is more than enough to generate net positive results.

Removes Redundant Registry Entries

If startup programs and background processes are an issue, then redundant registry items almost certainly will be. If you install lots of applications, the amount of obsolete registry entries that accumulate over time can be simply ridiculous. Avira System Speedup Pro has a single one-click cleanup option that intelligently scans and removes these registry entries. Not only do that result in a smoother experience on your PC, but it also removes most of the stability issues that plague Windows-based desktops.

Longer Battery Life

Stopping unnecessary bloat from kicking up at startup and using up resources in the background also translates into something else — improved battery life. If you are chugging around an older Windows laptop, the pure impact from using Avira System Speedup Pro can be substantial. With a single click, you can choose to modify the default Windows power profile to instead run a more fine-tuned power management scheme that more closely mirrors the overall strengths and weaknesses of a particular system.

Extra Disk Space

Avira System Speedup Pro, contrary to its name, isn’t simply a tool that you can use to boost the overall performance of your computer. In fact, it also acts as a space saver. Scan your computer for redundant items, fragmented objects, and duplicate files, and you can potentially free up gigabytes of storage. Avira’s own statistics claim to free up space that equate to 9,000+ songs, 35,000+ photos, or 40+ high definition videos on average. That’s similar to buying a separate storage medium. With Avira System Speedup Pro, you gain all of that at a much lower cost.

Improve Startup Speeds with Built-in Boot Optimizer

Prevents System Freezes and Crashes

Remember the last time that Windows crashed out on you? That wasn’t a pleasant experience, right? With Avira System Speedup Pro, you can take proactive action against prevalent issues that can cause issues within the operating system well before they occur. And even in the event of a system crash, Avira’s optimization utility is more than adept at recovering data that would otherwise be lost. If you want to skip out on an expensive visit to a PC repair shop, Avira System Speedup Pro is just what you need.

Built for Gamers

If you are a gamer, then you are going to find Avira System Speedup Pro massively useful. In addition to improving the overall performance of your PC by getting rid of unwanted bloat, you can also use the integrated Game Booster feature to improve the overall speed of video games tremendously. Simply add a game to the Game Booster list, and Avira System Speedup Pro actively makes certain that the game receives vital system resources otherwise used by other applications unnecessarily. Expect significant graphical improvements and performance enhancements by running video games alongside Game Booster.

Shred Sensitive Files

Did you recently delete some sensitive files from your computer? Or are you preparing to sell your PC and want to fully get rid of all existing files? Obviously, you would not want anyone else from using a recovery tool to access them. With Avira System Speedup Pro, you can stop worrying. Simply run the built-in file shredder, and securely delete all files beyond recovery. You can also use the tool to remove all traces of your activities conducted on your PC, be it actions you performed online or offline. Avira is a vital privacy-oriented tool that you absolutely must have.

Speed Up Your Computer Today

Both technical and performance-related issues are nothing to laugh at. They happen all the time, and in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the amount of applications rife with bugs and issues are many. Simply put, Avira System Speedup Pro is your ticket out of that mess. Install it, and stop worrying about bloated background apps, unoptimized power profiles, or storage issues. Game Booster integration is an added bonus, and the built-in file shredder works a treat to keep your privacy intact. At the end of the day, there is absolutely no reason why you should hang around without taking the plunge.