Offers top-notch protection and all forms of malware — trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, etc.

Real-time shields safeguard you from dangerous forms of ransomware

Zero impact on performance — consumes minimal system resources

Protection Cloud technology secures your PC or Mac from unknown zero-day exploits

Preserves your privacy from hackers and snoopers

Protects you from phishing attempts while surfing online


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Avira Antivirus Pro

With over a decade worth of technical know-how powering its sophisticated anti-malware detection shields, Avira Antivirus Pro ranks among the best in the industry. With near perfect scores across the board for protection, performance, and usability, Avira’s flagship antivirus offering is all the security that you ever need for your PC or Mac. Whether it’s staying safe against targeted malware attacks or stopping yourself from being phished for personal information, you can count on Avira Antivirus Pro to get you out of any tight spot. Let’s check out what it has to offer in detail.

Avira Antivirus Pro Status and Dashboard

Real-time Shields and Protection Cloud

Avira Antivirus Pro features dozens of proprietary technologies to prevent your PC or Mac from falling susceptible to targeted malware attacks. It deploys multiple real-time shields to monitor every task, process, and application for unusual activity, and immediately flags those with malicious intent. To keep you protected against zero day threats, it uses ‘Cloud Protection’ technology to scan suspicious signatures against a continuously updating online database. This ensures that developing threats are identified immediately, which is a far cry from waiting for the next virus definitions update to hit your desktop.

Anti-ransomware Protection

Ransomware is quite possibly the most dangerous form of malware to plague devices. You can have years worth of photos, documents, or any other file for that matter completely blocked from being accessed. And what makes it worse is that you have to pay get back your data — and of course, there are no guarantees even then. But not if you’ve got Avira Antivirus Pro. With over 10 million ransomware attacks thwarted in 2018 alone, you can be rest assured that Avira knows what makes this dangerous strain of malware tick. Both known forms of ransomware (WannaCry, TeslaCrypt, etc.) and unknown forms are immediately identified and blocked as soon as they are detected. In fact, your Avira Antivirus Pro subscription will pay for itself soon compared to the potential losses that you can sustain from a ransomware attack.

Secure Banking and Payments Online

The internet has made it possible to manage our bank accounts, settle payments, and make purchases without ever having to set a foot outside. However, this has also made it possible for hackers to have ample opportunity to intercept sensitive information during online transmissions, or even directly with the use of keylogging software. Once again, not if you have Avira Antivirus Pro running on your desktop. Thanks to its real-time web protection shields running in the background at all times, Avira actively ensures that your information isn’t stolen by any known means. It also helps you avoid phishing attempts — stop worrying about infected websites or fake shopping carts since Avira detects them all.

Avira Antivirus Pro's Real-time Protection Shield

Data Privacy

Avira Antivirus Pro also plays a large part in preserving your privacy from hackers and snoopers. As you already know, it already keeps your data safe from ransomware. And with its real time shields at play, it prevents your personal information from being stolen. When it comes to online web surfing, you are actively kept safe from phishing attacks. All these things add up, and when combined, you’ve got a massive barrier against personal privacy and data theft.

Secure Surfing & Browsing

Avira Antivirus Pro features a fully customizable firewall that actively monitors all web traffic flowing into and out of your desktop. Lots of applications (not just web browsers) communicate with the internet regularly, and Avira’s firewall plays a large role in ensuring that they aren’t up to any nefarious activities. And it elevates that to a whole new level with its set of complementary add-ons — Avira Browser Safety, Avira Privacy Pal, and Avira Home Guard. Using these while web browsing translates into a completely safe experience that only few antivirus utilities can provide.

Minimal Resources Required

Avira Antivirus Pro uses (and requires) very few system resources to run in the background. In fact, it was one of the first in the industry to embrace the concept that malware-scanning doesn’t necessarily have to be a resource-consuming trade-off. Expect to run it on just about any modern PC or Mac, even if it doesn’t have the latest specs sheet to show off. All of this translates into faster booting times and more resources left for other applications to use. If you use large resource-heavy applications or run the latest video games, this obviously plays a huge part in keeping things running smoothly.

Get Your PC and Mac Protected

There’s a reason why Avira Antivirus Pro has remained so popular over the years. Not only is its malware detection rates through the roof, but its outstanding ability to protect you from the latest ransomware and zero-day exploits are arguably second to none. It also prevents you from getting infected accidentally with its dedicated web protection modules, and relies on few system resources to get the job done. If you are concerned about the security of your PC or Mac, put such thoughts to rest by having Avira Antivirus Pro installed.


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