Complete suite of products for unprecedented privacy and security

Protects you from the latest forms of ransomware

Safeguards your PC from zero-day exploits with live heuristics and Protection Cloud technology

Patches software drivers and outdated applications

Manages your passwords on all popular desktop and mobile platforms

Massive value within a single package


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Avira Internet Security Suite

Three full-fledged security-oriented applications bundled into a single package doesn’t seem like much, unless you know how fantastically awesome they are. And that’s exactly the case with Avira Internet Security Suite. In addition to Avira Antivirus Pro, possibly one of the best anti-malware applications out there in terms of both performance and usability, you also have access to Avira Software Updater Pro and Avira Password Manager Pro. If you are looking to stay safe from malware and ransomware while reducing the chances of being exploited through common security and privacy loopholes, Avira Internet Security Suite’s comprehensive bundle of security applications should easily help you out in that regard. Let’s dive in and check out what you get in more detail.

Absolute Protection With Avira Antivirus Pro

Absolute Protection Against Malware

One of Avira Internet Security Suite’s three main applications involve Avira Antivirus Pro, an otherwise standalone anti-malware utility that has been consistently ranked among the best at what it does by multiple independent laboratory tests. Uncanny detection rates against both existing and evolving strains of malware fueled by multiple live shields and heuristics also make it an excellent form of defense against ransomware. Further, Avira Antivirus Pro also makes use of its proprietary Protection Cloud technology to keep your computer secured against zero-day threats at first notice. The antivirus utility even plays a large part at stopping you from inadvertently infecting your PC with its Web, Email, and USB Protection modules.

Automatic Software & Driver Updating

Next in Avira Internet Security Suite’s lineup of defense is Avira Software Updater Pro, a utility that features an uncanny ability to update everything from software drivers to the most obscure of installed applications. Obviously, an updated computer is essential for performance, but what Avira Software Updater Pro does also factor in a lot when it comes to security. Targeted malicious attacks are notorious for using any means to infect a computer, and one that has unpatched security loopholes due to outdated drivers and applications are just ripe for the picking. Leave everything to Avira Software Updater Pro and gain utter peace of mind without having to acquire the latest updates yourself.

Secure Password Management

Avira Internet Security Suite wraps things up with Avira Password Manager Pro, a comprehensive password manager that works across devices and platforms with real-time password syncing. By making use of a single master password to encrypt your data with, Avira Password Manager Pro forgoes the common security loopholes that you encounter with browser-based password managers. Rather, it opts for a proactive approach by suggesting strong passwords for use as well as actively notifying you of compromised login credentials by regularly scanning a wide range of databases. Weak passwords and poor password management are the main reasons for targeted attacks. Thankfully, Avira Password Manager Pro plays a large part in preventing that.

Automatic Updates With Avira Software Updater Pro

Multiple Complementary Add-ons

All the tools present within Avira Internet Security Suite combined makes for a experience that’s completely safe from malware infections. However, you can further bolster your privacy and security with a range of free essential tools — Avira Browser Safety, Avira Privacy Pal, and Avira Home Guard. When it comes to surfing online and staying protected against sites that are known to be infected, you have Avira Browser Safety to back you up — it scans all links for malicious intent, and keeps you notified well in advance on what to expect before visiting a certain site. The add-on also features the ability to block advertisements and tracking cookies, thus further safeguarding privacy.

Avira Privacy Pal, on the other hand, fixes known privacy-related issues from getting out of hand. By actively monitoring all installed applications, the utility makes sure that all sensitive data collected about you are not kept around afterward for malicious applications to exploit — in short, it scans for privacy vulnerabilities, automatically blocks applications from tracking you, and shreds sensitive data. Finally, you have Avira Home Guard, a comprehensive utility that scans all connected devices for privacy-related issues and other malicious intent. Most smart devices and appliances are well known for their privacy violations, and Avira Home Guard is just the solution for such instances.

Massive Value in a Single Package

Avira Internet Security Suite offers tremendous value for your money. Purchasing the solutions in standalone format will cost you far more, but it’s not just the extra savings that count. If you want to stay safe, you need to actively make sure that nothing is left to chance, and that’s exactly what Avira Internet Security Suite aims to provide. By securing your computer from exploits via outdated software, and by securing your login details using state-of-the-art encryption protocols, you largely avoid dangerous loopholes otherwise left untouched by the competition. If you are looking for a comprehensive security solution by a well-established brand with over a decade’s worth of experience against malware, then Avira Internet Security Suite is just what you need.


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