Instant access to all geo-restricted content

Dozens of servers around the world facilitates seamlessly connectivity

Blazing fast VPN solution with minimal lag

Two-way encrypted traffic preserves privacy

Fail safe guarantee ensures stable connectivity

Dedicated customer service enables around-the-clock support for both technical and general queries


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Avira Phantom VPN Pro

There are dozens of VPN servers in every nook and corner — and then there is Avira Phantom VPN Pro. There’s a reason why you may want to seriously consider switching to Avira’s VPN solution. For starters, you are in great hands — Avira understands privacy more than any other VPN providers out there. And with over a decade of experience dealing with privacy and security-related issues, Avira Phantom VPN Pro is just the solution that you need to stop snoopers, hackers, and shady websites from tracking your every move. Let’s check out the various benefits that Avira Phantom VPN Pro brings to the table.

Connect to Dozens of Servers Around the World

Unrestricted Access to Content

Privacy issues aside, a VPN’s primary requirement is to gain unrestricted access to the entire internet. If you live in a country where the government dictates what you should or should not access, that’s where Avira Phantom VPN Pro’s multiple VPN servers from around the world helps you out. Rather than being stuck in any one location, you can seamlessly connect to any available VPN server to any popular location within the globe.

For example — say that you want to watch the U.S. Super Bowl. You’d be hard pressed to find any official website willing to stream it online to your location. With Avira Phantom VPN Pro, you can seamlessly connect to a server in any state within the U.S.A. This gives websites the impression that you are really from the United States, which means that you should have no trouble whatsoever when it comes to streaming the said content. The procedure is pretty much the same for any form of geo-restricted content that you come across online.

Of course — streaming content brings about another problem. Connectivity. Often, most VPN services are terrible in terms of lag. With Avira Phantom VPN Pro, however, you gain access to some of the fastest servers around the world. And to make things even better, you also receive a fail-safe guarantee. This means that you should have practically no issues when connecting to available servers, and the lag associated with streaming should be largely non-existent or minimal compared to the competition at best.

Surf Freely, Anonymously, and Securely

Another crucial aspect of any VPN service is absolute privacy. And thankfully, Avira Phantom VPN Pro excels in that department. Obviously, Avira is one of the best developers of antimalware software, and they really know what makes malware tick. To start off with, Avira masks you I.P. address. If you didn’t know, an I.P. address is a unique identifier that lets your ISP and other websites monitor your activity.

Intuitive Customization Options

With the aid of I.P. masking, no one should be able to know who you really are. Furthermore, all traffic to and from the Avira servers are fully encrypted, thus you’ve got no reason to worry about surveillance at all — and you know how important that is if you live in a repressive regime. Avira also doesn’t record any of your activity on their servers, which means no should be able to request any personal information from Avira. After all, it they don’t have your information in the first place, how can they give anything to anyone?

Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are very convenient, but they also come with huge privacy and security-related issues. Any tech-savvy individual worth their salt has easy access to your activity within a public Wi-Fi domain. But that’s where Avira Phantom VPN Pro’s comprehensive encryption algorithms come into the picture. Since all traffic is encrypted, no one should be able to access them. This functionality alone is fully worth the price of admission, and you’ll be thanking Avira Phantom VPN Pro in the long run for the absolute peace of mind that it brings to the table.

Support All Platforms

Not only does Avira Phantom VPN Pro have servers in every nook and cranny around the world, but it also lets you connect to them via any of your devices regardless of platform. In short, you aren't restricted to just desktops — whether it’s a Windows-based device, a MacBook, an Android smartphone, or an iPhone, Avira Phantom VPN Pro’s dedicated apps let you do everything from connecting to servers to managing account information. Just how convenient is that?

Absolute Privacy

In today’s rapidly shifting technological landscape, your privacy is more important than ever. Websites collect information around the clock, governments want to monitor and control the activities of individuals, and hackers are just a step away from swooping down and stealing sensitive data. That’s why it’s so critical that you choose Avira Phantom VPN Pro for your web browsing. With seamless access to content from around the world, you can never go wrong with this phenomenal solution.


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