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Usage of Cookies

As a means to facilitate both convenience and safety for all visitors to this site, may, at its discretion, collect certain forms of identification information pertaining to users. Usually, visits are monitored using data such as IP addresses, browser fingerprints, and device information, which are then used as a form of identification. Resources accessed within this site can also be used to distinguish visitors. may generate income using affiliate sales. To facilitate that, the site uses cleverbridge AG cookies. For additional details regarding this global billing platform, please check the cleverbridge AG privacy policy page. To further enhance convenience during technical checkout sessions as well as to monitor redirects to alternate vendor sites, may also deploy additional affiliate cookies from cleverbridge AG. also measures traffic stats, which is made possible using cookies by Histats. For additional information, read the privacy policy at

Regarding Cookie Functionality

Sites deploy cookies to provide your web browser the ability to render certain web pages properly. They also help your browser to remember your preferences on subsequent visits. Further, cookies also provide the means necessary to track affiliate activity. If redirected to merchant sites, we may earn revenue in the form of commissions whenever you purchase products, facilitated by the use of affiliate cookies.

However, cookies don’t share any personal information. Any data that we do gain are used purely for tracking and identification purposes only. We never share this data with any third-party.

Cookie Management

Websites offer enhanced functionality with cookies. Therefore, web browsers are configured by default to accept cookies on all websites that you visit. This happens automatically unless the site prompts for your permission to deploy cookies locally. This default configuration can be changed by modifying the privacy settings of your browser – Google Chrome, Opera Browser, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

You may also choose to disable cookies completely on your browser. The links below relate to several major web browsers, and offer detailed information and other specific details in regards to cookie management. Once you turn off cookie functionality on a browser, these settings apply to all websites in general.

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You may find additional details on cookie functionality via directories such as and These directories also provide information in regards to effective management of cookies, including associated pros and cons.

Changes to Privacy Policy

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