Leading antivirus solution as per multiple independent lab tests

Absolute protection against dangerous forms of trojans, rootkits, and ransomware

Multiple real-time shields and cutting-edge antimalware technologies for unprecedented security

Complete protection against web-based threats

Helps avoid phishing attempts and stops personal information theft online

Blocks advertisements and trackers for a complete privacy-centric browsing experience


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Avira Antivirus Pro

Avira Antivirus Pro is a leading anti-malware utility, and for good reason. With over 10 years of expertise in dealing with malicious threats of all kinds, the German development team behind Avira knows what makes computer viruses tick. Multiple labs tests have vouched for Avira Antivirus Pro’s strong protection, performance, and usability. But of course, we had to take a look at this phenomenal antivirus utility for ourselves. Here are our findings.

Avira Antivirus Pro Scan Options

Intuitive User Interface

Anti-malware applications usually feature cumbersome user interfaces and menus that are terribly unintuitive. Avira Antivirus Pro, however, tremendously improves usability with clearly marked tabs and thumbnails that make it a joy to use. Five tabs labeled Status, Scan, Modules, Quarantine, and Activity denote where you want to get to in a flash. Further, a dedicated Settings panel lets you perform in-depth configurations as to the various settings that power Avira Antivirus Pro.

Multiple Protective Modules

Avira Antivirus Pro features multiple shields, or what it likes to call ‘modules,’ that provide security against all forms of malware for absolute protection. Simply click the Modules option within Avira Antivirus Pro, and you can instantly check out the various modules in action — Real-Time Protection, Ransomware Protection, Web Protection, Mail Protection, Firewall, and Protection Cloud Plus.

Real-Time Protection, obviously, secures your computer from malicious threats in real time — it makes use of heuristics to detect abnormal behavioral patterns in system-critical areas, and flags them immediately. Ransomware Protection, on the other hand, provides protection against dangerous ransomware strains, and is an absolute necessity due to the prevalent rise of such threats in this day and age.

Web Protection protects you from all threats that originate while surfing online — it scans all sites and downloads for malicious intent, and actively warns you of any. Combine it with the Firewall, and you are fully secured even while you aren’t browsing — the Firewall scans all connected apps for abnormal connections, and blocks any that it deems to be unsafe. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that you aren’t susceptible to any hacking attempts due to Avira’s Firewall.

Then you’ve got Mail Protection, which actively crawls each message from all email clients for malicious attachments or phishing attempts. Pretty useful. And finally, you have Protection Cloud Plus, a live shield that automatically double-checks all suspicious signatures against an online database of continuously updating definitions so that zero-day threats are rendered moot sooner rather than later. This of course complements the live heuristics in place, which are usually more than adept at the job in the first place.

Scan Options

Avira Antivirus Pro doesn’t leave you at the sole mercy of it’s protective modules to safeguard you against malware. In fact, it features multiple scan options that let you take matters into your own hands. Click the Scan tab, and you are greeted with four different scan modes — Full Scan, Quick Scan, Custom Scan, and Scheduler.

Comprehensive Online Security with Web Protection

Full Scan is the go-to mode when you want to be absolutely sure that your entire computer is free from malware. It scans every nook and cranny for hidden trojans and rootkits, and it’s near-perfect detection rate means that nothing is left to chance. Unlike other antivirus utilities, Avira Antivirus Pro is also pretty fast at what it does — expect a complete scan of your system to be done and over with in a matter of minutes.

Quick Scan, on the other hand, is perfect for instances where you just want to know that everything’s fine on your system. Malicious signatures are usually present within system-critical areas such as the registry and system memory. Therefore, performing a Quick Scan offers the perfect alternative to a Full Scan if you want to be on the lookout for any imminent threats. Of course, you must not consider it a perfect substitute by any means.

Then you’ve got Custom Scan, which works a treat when it comes to disinfecting specific folders or drivers. Just let it know where to scan, and Avira Antivirus Pro does the rest of the job for you automatically. Finally, the Scheduler option is perfect for instances where you want to automate your Full, Quick, or Custom scans. Specify a time when you want it to do that for you, determine whether you want the scan to recur automatically, and you can conveniently forget about remembering to perform scans manually in the future.

Quarantine and Recovery

Avira Antivirus Pro automatically places all known threats and infected files in a quarantined environment rather than deleting them outright. This ensures that you have a shot at repairing any important files that were damaged from a malware attack. Thankfully, Avira Antivirus Pro is also one of the best at file recovery, so you should have almost all infected files back and ready to go. Of course, Avira’s real-time protective modules will not let any infection happen in the first place.

Your Activity

Avira Antivirus Pro also features its own dedicated Activity Monitor that displays what the antivirus utility has been up to. Rather than leaving you in the dark, the Activity Monitor provides a birds’ eye view of all the activity that the antivirus utility has been up to dating back to when it was first installed. Whether it’s a vital update or a scheduled scan that didn’t go according to plan, a brief look at the Activity panel is all that you need to do figure things out.

Protection Made Easy

Avira Antivirus Pro is among the few antivirus products that has made protecting a computer easy for a change. With terrific detection rates, strong real-time protection modules, and a simplistic yet intuitive user interface to boot, there’s little doubt that you’ll really want to stick to Avira Antivirus Pro for the long haul. Rather than waiting until a malicious attack hits your computer, consider taking proactive action with Avira Antivirus Pro in place well beforehand.