Complete security against dangerous forms of malware and ransomware

Live heuristics, Smart A.I., and Protection Cloud combined safeguards you against zero-day threats

Patches outdated software drivers and applications to mitigate potential security loopholes

Dedicated password management across all popular desktop and mobile platforms

Around-the-clock customer support for all security-related queries

Unprecedented protection within a single package


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Avira Internet Security Suite

Avira Internet Security Suite is a complete security solution focused not just on detecting or getting rid of malware. In fact, it’s a collection of apps that helps to a large degree in preserving the overall security and privacy of your devices. Whether it’s staying safe against zero-day malicious threats, closing potential security loopholes on your PC, or securing your passwords for maximum protection, Avira Internet Security Suite makes all of that possible. Let’s take a close look at what it does in more detail.

Absolute Protection Against Ransomware

Security and Privacy

Safeguarding yourself against malicious attacks is important more than ever, especially due to how fast newer strains of malware crop up to infect devices and steal personal information. And with the prevalent rise of ransomware, it’s vital that you’ve got the adequate security to back you up. Thankfully, Avira Internet Security Suite brings to the table Antivirus Pro, one of the best (if not the best) antimalware solution in business.

Avira Antivirus Pro relies not just on definitions databases to detect threats. Instead, it uses various proprietary algorithms, which it dubs as Smart A.I., to learn the various attack patterns that malicious code uses — this helps the application flag potential threats immediately. Further, it uses Protection Cloud, a huge online database of the latest malware signatures, to double-check abnormal activities within your computer.

Ransomware, if you haven’t heard of it already, is possibly the most dangerous form of malware out there. It encrypts sensitive data and only unlocks them in exchange for a ransom. Avira Antivirus Pro, however, makes it doubly certain that no forms of ransomware ever touches your data. It deploys an anti-ransomware shield at all times, which actively detects and stops any form of activity that resembles a ransomware attack.

That isn’t all. Avira Antivirus Pro also features multiple modules that actively safeguard you from malicious attacks online, either when you are surfing the internet or while interacting with email. It flags compromised websites and detects phishing attempts, thus helping you avoid infecting your PC accidentally or inadvertently sharing your personal information. In a nutshell, Avira Antivirus Pro’s astounding ability to deal with all forms of malware makes it a vital application to have on your computer.

Update Your PC

Microsoft releases regular updates for Windows, which largely helps out in dealing with most security issues. However, this does not mean that your computer will be receiving the latest hardware drivers and the latest patches for any applications installed your computer. You need to do that yourself, but it’s easier said than done. Often, you have no clue as to the exact make and model of your hardware components, let alone know what applications that you’ve got running on your PC.

Close Security Loopholes with Automatic Updates

That’s why Avira Internet Security Suite’s inclusion of Software Updater Pro is so vital. A simply analysis is all that it takes to determine whether your computer has all the necessary updates for both hardware drivers and other installed applications. Not only does it then procure and apply all the required updates by itself, but it can also do everything automatically after initial configuration. An updated computer is vital to both stay safe and ensure the overall stability of the operating system. Software Updater Pro lets you do just that.

Manage Your Passwords

Web browsers have spoilt us with their own built-in password managers. However, these password managers are quite vulnerable to hacking and breaches, particularly due to the razor-thin protection that they offer by default. On the other hand, creating weak passwords are another cause for concern, and one of the primary reasons why most breaches occur in the first place. Avira Internet Security Suite’s inclusion of Avira Password Manager Pro aims to fix both those issues.

As a dedicated password management service, Avira Password Manager Pro secures all your passwords and login credentials using state-of-the-art encryption. And thanks to its support for all major desktop and mobile platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS), you can have your passwords synced and ready to go across all of your devices in mere seconds. Avira Password Manager Pro also helps you out when creating passwords — it automatically provides you with ultra-strong passwords created from scratch, hence preventing you from coming up with generally weak passwords by yourself.

Comprehensive Security In a Single Package

Avira Internet Security Suite, as you saw, offers comprehensive protection not just against malware, but against other forms of attacks as well. With absolute protection against the latest forms of malware ranging from trojans, rootkits, to ransomware, complete with the ability to seamlessly update your PC, the security suite allows for protection that’s unparalleled. Further, the ability to secure passwords is a nice touch to an already fantastic security suite. If you want to stay safe on all possible fronts against malware and privacy-related threats, then Avira Internet Security Suite provides all of that at a single terrific price.