Provides access to everything that Avira has to offer within a single package

Protects you from all forms of dangerous malware and ransomware

Updates your desktop with the latest software drivers and application versions

Improves boot times, free up space, and boosts video game performance

Access the entire internet via in-house VPN solution

Instant responses to all queries with VIP customer support


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Avira Prime

For over a decade, Avira has consistently been at the forefront of providing unprecedented protection toward both security and privacy. And over time, it has developed multiple products to safeguard you from the myriad threats surrounding you. So, what would you say if you had access to all such products in one seamless package, and also at a terrifically low price to boot? Well, that’s exactly what Avira Prime is. Let’s dive right in and check this awesome package in action.

Avira Prime Dashboard in Action

‘Unlimited’ Licenses

The Standard Avira Prime subscription lets you install the product on any five devices, but it's the ‘Unlimited’ version that really eye-catching. The latter lets you install Avira Prime onto an astounding 25 devices (as per fair user policy), which means that you can go about adding it to all devices in your household. And the fact that it costs only marginally higher than the Standard version makes it a terrific deal in terms of money spent.

Avira Prime Launcher

Avira Prime is a collection of all Avira products. Upon installation, you are greeted with the Avira launcher, which serves both as a launchpad and management console. The This Computer tab provides shortcuts to all available products — Antivirus Pro, Software Updater Pro, Phantom VPN Pro, etc. Simply click on the program that you want to open, and away you go. The My Devices tab, on the other hand, lets you actively manage all devices running Avira Prime, while the Licenses tab features detailed licensing information.

Protects You From Malware

Possibly the most important application within Avira Prime’s suite of products is Antivirus Pro, a comprehensive anti-malware solution that features the uncanny ability to block threats even before they occur. This is, of course, made possible due to the live heuristics and Protection Cloud technologies that make it absolutely certain that no malware or ransomware gets the jump on you.

The anti-malware solution also features the ability to block personal information theft and phishing attacks while surfing online, with a proprietary firewall to make sure that no applications engage in suspicious activity while connected online. Further, you are protected from email-based threats as well. This make Avira Antivirus Pro a comprehensive solution that safeguards you from all fronts.

Get Your PC Updated

Avira Prime makes sure that computers running outdated software drivers or applications aren’t subjected to malware exploits with its inclusion of Software Updater Pro, a phenomenal program that automatically scans and procures the latest updates all by itself. A nifty user interface ensures that you don’t have to be a tech-savvy individual to start using it. Simply schedule the program to run regularly, and you’ll have a much secure computer at all times.

Avira Software Update Pro - Just One of Many

Optimize Your System

Windows operating systems are pretty poor at self-maintenance. And that’s the reason why Avira Prime provides you with System Speedup Pro. In a nutshell, this amazing optimization utility from Avira features the uncanny ability to get rid of outdated and duplicate files to free up space, remove obsolete registry files to improve system stability, switch Power modes to conserve battery life, as well as do a whole host of other tasks. Start using it, and you’d be amazed at how in-depth the utility goes into improving the performance of your PC.

Manage Your Passwords

Using weak passwords or relying on browser-based password managers can put both your privacy and security at risk. Start using Password Manager Pro, provided as part of Avira Prime of course, and you can start securing your passwords across platforms using state-of-the-art encryption. Further, the password manager also features the ability to suggest strong passwords while signing up for any account online, as well as determine the strength of existing login details.

Access Geo-restricted Content

If you live in a repressive state where most forms of content are locked down by your government, or if you just want more privacy while surfing online, the you should find the inclusion of Avira Phantom VPN Pro to be massively useful. It lets you instantly connect to dozens of servers from around the world and unblock geo-restricted content in an instant. Further, comprehensive two-way encryption ensures that hackers, snoopers, and shady websites don’t get the chance to violate your privacy.

Awesome Value for Money

With Avira Prime, that isn’t all. Expect loads of other applications such as Opera, a privacy-centric web browser that safeguards your privacy, Home Guard, an application that lets you scan local networks for threats, and Privacy Pal, a utility that lets you deal with privacy-related threats upfront, for a complete security and privacy-oriented experience. Also, the fact that you can install these applications on all platforms (Windows, macOS. Android, and iOS) is a strong selling point. Don’t wait - start securing your entire household with Avira Prime right now.