Speeds up boot times considerably by disabling unwanted startup items

Improves system stability by getting rid of obsolete registry entries

Deletes duplicate and temporary files to free up tons of hard drive space 

Preserves your privacy by securely deleting sensitive files

Completely automate tasks with built-in task scheduler

Free access to Android Optimizer — helps you tune your mobile


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Avira System Speedup Pro

Usually, Windows operating systems are terrible in terms of self maintenance. Use your PC for a certain amount of time, and it’s bound to accumulate tons of junk files and obsolete registry entries. But thanks to Avira System Speedup Pro, you don’t have to deal with all of that any longer. With the uncanny ability to thoroughly detect Windows-based devices for prevalent issues, this phenomenal optimization utility by Avira lets you increase overall system performance significantly. Let’s check out what it has in store in more detail.

Avira System Speedup Pro Detects and Fixes All Performance Issues

Simple to Use

Rather than making you wade through cumbersome menus and whatnot, Avira System Speedup Pro puts all optimization tools at your fingertips thanks to the super-intuitive user interface that it brings to the table. Upon startup, the utility automatically performs a scan for issues and assigns a score for categories labeled Disk, Performance, and Privacy. Don’t be surprised to find it assign a very low score to each of the said categories the first time.

Then comes the task of optimizing your PC. Avira System Speedup Pro features neatly labeled side-tabs that lets you immediately decide what you want to perform. By default, you are within the Device Optimization tab, which lets you perform a host of task that include deleting junk files to improving your privacy. Then you’ve got the Boot Optimizer tab, which lets you improve boot times, and the System Tools tab, which provides a host of optimization tools — Service Manager, Registry Defragmentation, Uninstaller, etc.

Avira System Speedup Pro wraps things up by providing you access to multiple disk optimization tools via its Disk Dashboard, multiple back and restoration utilities via Backup and Restore, and the ability to improve video game performance with Game Booster.

Device Optimization

Avira System Speedup Pro kicks things off by letting you boost system performance with a single click. Simply click Scan, and the optimization utility goes on a scanning spree for temporary files, obsolete registry entries, and privacy-related items (browser caches, for example). You can then immediately remove them for a quick boost in performance, which will then be reflected immediately within the Disk, Performance, and Privacy scores. As seen below, you can also take matters into your own hands to improve performance even further.

Boot Optimizer

Computers running Windows can often get notoriously slower as time goes on. If that’s the case with your PC, simply head over to the Boot Optimizer tab, and then click Analyze. You will then be presented with a list of startup applications that affect boot times the most. Simply use the menus listed alongside to determine whether you want those apps to kick in after booting instead, or if you want to disable them permanently.

Improve Gaming Performance with Integrated Game Booster Functionality

Alternatively, you can let Avira System Speedup Pro itself determine what works best with its Standard and Hyper Boost optimization levels. The former is pretty fast to perform, and improves startup speeds considerably. But for even more gains in performance, choose the latter — it takes a few hours to optimize your PC, but the time spent is well worth the terrific boost in performance that you gain later on.

System Tools

The System Tools tab is a collection of insanely useful tools that you absolutely must check out. Want to monitor exactly what processes run within your PC? Want to conserve power or increase performance by switching to a power profile tailored to the various strengths and weaknesses of your PC? Or do you want to uninstall an unusually hard-to-remove application from your PC? Give each tool listed within the System Tools tab a go, and you’d be surprised at what you will see.

Disk Dashboard

Avira System Speedup Pro is quite adept at getting rid of outdated temporary files to clear up large chunks of disk space. But it doesn’t stop there. Head over to the Disk Dashboard, and you’ve got access to a plethora of tools. You can, for example, run Disk Analysis to determine if everything is fine with your hard drive or solid state drive, use Duplicate Files to detect and remove duplicate media files, or use File Shredder to securely delete sensitive data permanently from your device.

Game Booster

If you are into video gaming, then you are going to find the built-in Game Booster functionality immensely useful. All you have to do is ‘Add’ a game into Game Booster. This prompts Avira System Speedup Pro to automatically start diverting additional system resources to the video game in question. Expect enhanced frame rates and an overall improvement in general performance with Game Booster in action.

You’ve Got to Have It

Avira System Speedup Pro is a must-have optimization utility to have on your PC. The amount of in-depth customizations that it can perform is nothing short of outstanding. If you are close to running out of disk space, facing slower boot times, or encountering sluggish computer performance in general, skip dishing cash on buying new hardware and go get Avira System Speedup Pro instead. You’d be amazed at how quickly it fixes the most persistent of issues.