Why You Need to Start Using Avira Phantom VPN Pro

The internet was supposed to be a free and open realm where ideas could flow freely without restrictions. It was the case at the beginning. But when governments and big corporations get involved, nothing stays the same, and the cyberspace of today couldn’t be farther from what it was originally envisioned to be. Geo-restricted content and complete domestic bans on social media websites have become the norm. That’s why a VPN solution is more important than ever. In short, a VPN lets you connect to a remote server in another location, which you can then use to surf blocked content with no restrictions whatsoever.

However, selecting a VPN service poses a huge challenge. There are in fact tons of VPN services vying for your money. Most often than not, the majority of VPNs are poor in terms of connectivity, lags terribly when streaming content, and have privacy practices that are iffy at best. Which is why you need to seriously take a look at Avira Phantom VPN Pro. Created by a German-based team of security specialists otherwise known for their excellent Avira Antivirus Pro malware scanner, this phenomenal VPN solution fixes up many of the issues associated with alternate services. Here are the reasons about what makes it so special.

Dozens of Servers

Most VPN solutions only have just a handful of servers in a few locations that you can connect to. But not Avira Phantom VPN Pro, which practically has dozens of servers (36 at the time of writing) in most major locations such as the USA, England, Germany, and Australia. This translates into unrestricted access to nearly all forms of geo-restricted content. If you encounter the dreaded ‘not available in your region’ error message when attempting to access a site or stream content, all you have to do is connect to a server located in the country of origin, and away you go. The flexibility that Avira Phantom VPN Pro brings to the table is nothing short of amazing.

Seamless Connectivity

Avira Phantom VPN Pro isn’t available on just Windows-based desktop devices. In fact, it’s available on all popular platforms such as macOS, Android, and iOS. And on platforms where it isn’t supported natively (Linux, Chrome OS, etc.), you can instead rely on the Google Chrome web browser for connectivity. The best thing about Avira Phantom VPN Pro is that you don’t have to do everything by yourself either. Simply use the app provided for the platform in question to connect instantly. You can also perform various configurations such as during which Wi-Fi connections you want the VPN service to kick in automatically, whether you to stop the connection when Wi-Fi drops, etc.

Preserves Your Privacy

Avira Phantom VPN Pro, in addition to unlocking restricted content, also plays a large role when it comes to preserving privacy. And considering that it’s developed by none other than one of the finest brands in terms of security and privacy makes it all that more special. To start off with, all traffic to and from connected VPN servers are automatically secured with state-of-the-art encryption. If you are concerned about your ISP or government monitoring your activity online, you can mostly put such concerns to rest. This added security also works wonders when it comes to staying safe from hackers and snoopers out to intercept your data.

Avira is also quite vocal about the fact that they never record your browsing activity while you are connected to any Phantom VPN server. This of course should be welcome news for anyone worried about intentional server breaches and the subsequent theft of personal information.

Fail-Safe Guarantee

Most VPN solutions are quite poor in terms of connectivity — server overload and the subsequent lag associated can be the source of massive frustration. Avira Phantom VPN Pro, however, throws out a fail-safe guarantee that pretty much ensures seamless connectivity most if not all of the time. Lag is also unnoticeable compared to alternate VPN services, which means that performing heavy tasks such as streaming video should be a smooth experience for the most part. And in the event of any technical issue, you have access to unlimited customer support at any time of the day, any day of the week. That in itself speaks volumes.

Unblock the Internet

Avira Phantom VPN Pro is a super-solid VPN solution that ticks all the correct boxes. With a strong development team at the helm, dozens of servers that you can easily connect to, multiple supported platforms, and unprecedented privacy protection, make it one of the best VPN services in business. The fail-safe guarantee and unlimited customer support is just the icing on the cake. Gain access to the entire internet while seamlessly preserving your privacy by opting for Avira Phantom VPN Pro now.